Poland – Coffee House Ministry



The M-Power participant will work in the Sweet Surrender Coffee Shop, a coffee house and compassionate ministry center in Poland.

Volunteers work at Sweet Surrender in order to come into contact with Polish people who might be open to the Gospel. These relationships will eventually lead to opportunities to share the most important relationship – our relationship with God through Jesus Christ.


  • Serving specialty coffee at the coffee bar
  • Ministry in conversation (relational ministry)
  • Working with kids and/or youth
  • Working with other volunteers
  • Many other avenues of service, including music if possible

Qualifications Needed:

Ability to work in a cross-cultural setting


City: Krakow or Poznan
Length of Service: at least 6 months
Gender Preference: Married Couple / Single male / Single Female (any)
Start Date (approx): any time
Volunteer Costs:  €950-1200/month (depending on living situation)

How can I apply?