Italy – District Administrator


To assist and serve the district in a broad spectrum and variety of ministries:

  • District administration.
  • Communication facilitator between Regional, Global programmes with the district and in promoting at all levels information and initiatives of the Italian District.
  • To be an inspiration and resource of ideas from an external perspective that will strengthen, adjust and develop existing district programmes.
  • Computer expert that can help to create an internet site.
  • Promote information and initiatives of the Italian District at regional and global level.


to work with the DS and interested local pastors

  • Encourage and help local New Starts.
  • Help us to put into motion the District activities of NYI, Sunday School and Global mission contextualizing, according to the existing and potential resources already present in local churches.

Additional Conditions:

The volunteer should be outgoing and with experience.  He or she would be required to live in our church in Rome or Firenze.
Ability to communicate in Italian would be a definite advantage.
Experience in pastoral and district ministry, administration, computer skills also needed


City: Rome or Firenze
Length of Service: 3 months to one year with the possibility of a longer period if a good relationship and integration is established.
Preferred Start Date:  Anytime
Funding: €300 to €600/month.

How can I apply?