India – Nazarene Nurses Training College

Location: Nazarene Nurses Training College (NNTC) at Reynolds Memorial Hospital in Washim, India


1. Nurse Educator
2. Student Counselor
3. IT Professional (to develop the NNTC website, to help in setting video conference facility & to train us with a latest IT field)
4. Trainer for the staff and students Professional development

Additional conditions

We assure you that we shall:

  • Provide a conducive environment with a mutual understanding.
  • Have a wonderful and fruitful time working together
  • We will provide free food and accommodation
  • Free local travel
  • Internet facility on campus.
  • Security on campus


  1. Nurse Educator
    Qualification: BSc (N)/ MSc (N)/ PHD in nursing
    Should possess their national registration

    1. Roles:
      To teach our young nursing students (2 hrs class per day)
      To train our nurse educators (updating of knowledge)
      To conduct nursing workshop in special areas like Infection Control in hospital setting, CPR, Mechanical Ventilation, Waste Management, Nursing process & documentation
      To update the knowledge of our staff nurses in Reynolds Memorial Hospital
  2. Student Counsellor
    Qualification: Degree or diploma in Psychology/counselling

    1. Roles:
      To maintain a trust worthiness/ rapport with the student
      To identify the students problems
      To develop the plan for counselling session
      To do a follow up and provide a good result
  1. IT Professional
    Qualification: Expert in IT area

    1. Roles:
      To develop a website for NNTC
      To train our local person in this area for later work
      To take classes for our First year nursing students
  1. Trainer for staffs & students Professional development
    1. Roles:
      To inculcate the positive behaviour and thoughts among students
      To teach the etiquette
      To help the students in their learning attitude

Benefits for NNTC

  • To maintain our standards
  • To Improve the quality
  • To gain good reputation in community
  • To attain students self satisfaction
  • To stand as a best competitor for the neighboring institution


Length of Service:
Nurse Educator – minimum 6 months
Student Counsellor – minimum 6 months
IT Professional – minimum 3 months
Trainer for staffs & students Professional development – minimum 2 months

We will provide free food and accommodation
Free local travel

Volunteer is/are responsible for:

  • Travel expenses till the nearest airport which is Aurangabad or Nagpur.
  • Return travel expenses.
  • Any other travel other than local travel.
  • Salary / stipend.
  • All personal expenses.

How can I apply?