India – Children’s and youth ministry volunteer in Kolkata


This urban ministry opportunity is in Central Kolkata (Calcutta). Doctor Lane church is The First Church of the Nazarene in the District which was started 23 years back. By the grace of God day by day members are increasing but the most blessed thing is Youth and Children are increasing in good numbers, presently we have more than 200 youth & children all together. We have four groups of children:
1. Junior Class,
2. Middle Class,
3. Semi Youth,
4. Youth group apart from the Church congregation.

Kolkata is an Urban city with multi cultural and linguistic groups of people. Mostly people use Bengali and Hindi for communication but some of them can speak and understand English. Educationally, good enough. Most of the Church congregation is from Sunday School, those who are started their Sunday school at the age of 4/6/10…. and now they are grown up as adult Nazarenes.


There are opportunities to work among these children and youth those who are living nearby the church. Volunteers can help the church through Youth Ministry, SDMI Ministry, teaching English language also can organize Camps, VBS and other needful events. Volunteer can also help the Church service.


  • Volunteer within 18-45 years (couple may accept)
  • 5-10 years Experience with Youth & Children Ministry,
  • Theological Training,
  • Friendly in nature,
  • Experienced to organize different camps, seminars & retreats,
  • Basic Computer Knowledge,
  • Able to teach basic English (optional)
  • Church Planter

District Facilities:

What District can provide?

  • EID can provide simple accommodation in Kolkata.
  • Local Travel (Public Transportation).
  • Internet Facility.


Volunteer is/are responsible to

  • Bare his/her food Expenses,
  • Medical expenses,
  • Family needs,
  • Travel Expenses (anything other than Local Travel),
  • Salary or Stipend.

Time Frame:

1 to 2 years even for long terms Volunteers are also accept.

How can I apply?