Europe – Support worker


To assist in the care and supervision of children and young women rescued from trafficking as they are prepared for re-settling into normal society.


to work with the National Director, the Psychologist and Social Worker in

  • Settling new residents into the routine of their new setting.
  • Participating in the spiritual exercises and social activities of the centre.
  • Assisting in and teaching domestic chores, and assisting with literacy and school classwork.
  • Accompanying residents on trips out, for recreation, shopping, to medical appointments and to church activities.
  • Loving the residents as a sister in Christ

Additional Conditions

The volunteer(s) should be fluent in English (or German). They will be required to enroll in language classes.

Qualification Needed

  • A loving compassionate heart, for Jesus and for others.
  • A basic understanding in Psychology or Sociology would be beneficial.
  • Ability to be a team-player.
  • An understanding of the work of EFN ( )
  • Additional skills such as grant-writing, handcraft, social enterprise, needlework, music accompanying, teaching, Bible-story telling, d-i-y, etc, could be beneficial.


Institution: A Compassionate Ministry Foundation
Length of Service: 6 months to 2 years
Start: Summer/Fall
Costs: € 880 / month ($ 1000 / month) including € 440 rent ($ 500)

How can I apply?