England – Maintenance – Office – Housekeeper


Nazarene Theological College Manchester, England, is a college primarily for the training of pastors and leaders for the UK and the International Church of the Nazarene. A couple will as a maintenance / office / housekeeper, facilitate the larger field strategy by supporting students, from the UK and abroad, and will be a support to the core of educational ministries which are the heart of the College’s and wider church mission.


  • To assist the maintenance coordinator in a number of maintenance tasks including work on the grounds.
  • To assist in administration and housekeeping where and when needed, i.e. mailings, letters, help on reception, help in the library.
  • assisting the housekeeping staff.

Additional conditions

  • Free accommodation available on campus and includes utilities.
  • Self-catering is expected, and cooking + laundry facilities are available
  • Ability to speak and understand English.

Qualifications needed

Construction, maintenance, office skills


City: Manchester, England
Institution: Nazarene Theological College, England
Funding: € 600 – 800 / month
Start date: summer/fall
Length of service: 7 – 12 months
Gender Preference: Married Couple without Children

How can I apply?