Denmark – Coffee House Assistant and Evangelism


In a highly secularized society, the Scandinavia District of the Church of the Nazarene is seeking ways to connect with those who have no historic connection or who are disillusioned with church. This city Coffee House is connecting with youth and families from Danish and international backgrounds. The primary evangelistic opportunity is through daily contact with people. The current Coffee House team comprises of a steering group and approximately 40 volunteers with a broad range of nationalities, cultures and beliefs.


  • Being an active participant in the Coffee House volunteer team.
  • Working in front and back-shop roles to run the Coffee House ministry.
  • Creating a ‘place of welcome’ where visitors feel at home and open up to conversations.
  • Assisting the team in worship services, outreach events and community activities.

Additional Conditions:

Visa restrictions make it much easier to enlist volunteer missionaries from within the European Union.
Willingness to learn Danish.

Qualifications Needed:

Practical Skills in Food Preparation, Business Administration, and Maintenance.
Relational Skills, Team Building, Serving, Sharing Faith and Discipleship


Institution: Café Sweet Surrender
City: Copenhagen, Denmark (Community of Vesterbro)
Language Preference: German, Dutch or English Speakers.
Length of Service: 1 to 2 years.
Gender Preference: Married Couple / Single male / Single Female
Accommodation: Local apartments rent for €500+/month. Cheaper accommodation for singles is available at the Nazarene Youth House in Greve.
Funding: $/€ 900-1000/month
Start Date (approx): Any time

How can I apply?