Central Europe – Refugee Support Team Members


As refugees pour across borders in central Europe, many nations are overwhelmed with the pain and need of these displaced people. Central Europe Field (CEF) Nazarenes have formed teams to help with the relief efforts by becoming registered with the Red Cross.  They visit these transit camps to offer physical and practical support by the distribution of clothing and food, but also with the great opportunity to give emotional and spiritual support, listening to and praying with many.
This humanitarian crisis in free Europe, distant from the dangers of the conflict zones, is a perfect opportunity to offer the care Jesus spoke of in Matthew 25 and the prophetic words in Luke 4 of His calling and ours to release the oppressed and care for the suffering.

M+Power is offering a special opportunity to any Nazarenes who can help bring relief in this crisis time. The need is so great for additional members for the teams that we are taking the rare step of inviting volunteers to come for as little as one month, or as long as 24 months to fulfill the following responsibilities.


  • Participate in a multinational relief team in Serbia or Croatia under the direction of a local Nazarene leader
  • Support other team members.
  • Offer love, smiles, friendship, understanding, hope and prayer to displaced people.
  • Hand out food, clothing, and other supplies.
  • Help refugees in the border registration process.
  • Carry stories home to our churches of how best to care and pray for those who come as strangers among us.

Additional Conditions:

The location of each placement will depend upon need at the time of deployment.

Please note: All volunteers serving one month or longer will be connected with a local coach in Central Europe as well as a mentor from their home area.

Qualifications Needed:

  • Heart of love and compassion
  • Uncomplaining servant spirit
  • Willingness to work hard in difficult circumstances
  • Continual flexibility
  • Good physical condition
  • Willingness to pray with others


Length of Service: 1 to 24 Months.
Gender Preference: Married Couple / Single male / Single Female – no preference
Start Date: Immediate, any month of the year.
Volunteer Costs: €750/month ($825/month), plus flights and insurance. For a couple or two people coming together the costs will be less.

How can I apply?

I want to serve for 2-4 weeks

Want to go to the Middle East?