Where can I go?

These are just some of the opportunities where you could go to experience M+Power. More will be added in the future.

Your interest not there yet?

If your place of interest or skills is not there, please let us know. There might be a place for you that is not posted yet. Fill in the application form so we can find the right place for you!

Why these places?

The volunteer needs a clear and specific role in a local project. We want them to have a coach who can help them grow into their assignment. This will require a local leader who can help with on-the-job training.
There must be the possibility of cheap accommodation, where volunteers can cook for themselves, or to be catered for at a very moderate price.  Ideally each volunteer could stay for an initial one or two weeks with a local family, to be immersed in the host culture, and become sensitive to local customs.
Besides the local leader there needs to be a mentor, who can help the volunteer to reflect on the cross-cultural aspects, and what that implies for his or her relationship with God. The mentor needs to be someone who has been exposed to more than one culture in a deep and meaningful way.

Interested in a specific place? Are you ready?

Yes, I am interested Am I ready to serve?