Project Description

English Speaking Team Member for Church Planter in Latvia


Our target group is people who feel lonely and who do not belong to any local community. Many people are looking for a place where they can feel safe. These can be people from different cultural contexts: foreign students or immigrants. At the same time, this could be even Latvian Russians who do not know where they belong (born in Latvia but not Latvians). We will try to provide “home” to these people and a feeling of belonging (to Christ, to church, to congregation).  They may find their identity as people of God in spite of nationality, culture or political circumstances. We will contact students from the universities via our friends. Also, we plan to study Latvian language and we may meet some people at the language courses.

One of our ideas is to provide fellowship in bilingual community using Russian and English languages. According to statistic, 90% of people in Latvia speak Russian and 46% of population speak English. Probably, this kind of fellowship (movie-nights, or a Bible study, or Jesus film follow-ups) will be attractive to some people from the target group. These may grow and become a church plant with bilingual worship services.


Location: Riga, Latvia


  • Building relationships with the people/ visitors and community in order to share God’s love
  • Communicating fluently in English with beginners, intermediate and advanced (maybe teaching beginners)
  • Assisting the team of church planters with ministry opportunities like leading worship, visiting people, discipleship and teaching,
  • Being able to work with people from different cultures or in a multicultural setting.

Qualifications needed

No specific Ministry Training required, but the volunteer must be fluent in English, comfortable with teaching, and should have an outgoing personality.


  • Best suited for: Married couple without children, single male, single female. Age 25+.

  • Length of service: at least 3 months, maybe 1-2 years

  • Start date: any time, starting february 2019

  • Approximately funding: minimum 430€ /month (a budget chart may also need to be completed). Volunteer(s) is/are responsible to pay for travel to/from ministry site, medical expenses, and any other costs. (personalized budgets will be arranged before fundraising/deployment).