Project Description

Social Media Manager for the Eurasia Region


Serving under the Eurasia Region Communications Coordinator and as part of the regional communications team, the Eurasia Region Social Media Manager helps the regional communications team to develop and implement an ongoing social media strategy for the Eurasia Region.

The purpose is to enable the regional communications team to communicate stories, news, and other information with pleasing and effective visual elements through social media so that our regional Nazarenes are more interconnected across diverse cultures and contexts; to help deeply root our regional priorities in our members; to cultivate online engagement among Eurasian Nazarenes; as well as share other pertinent information and education.

The social media manager will work closely with the graphic designer, news manager and video manager to develop creative and innovative strategies for sharing our media and news.




  1. Develop a social media strategy, then lead in executing it daily and/or weekly.
  2. Collaborate with graphic designer to create high quality and informative designs for social media posts.
  3. Collect and prepare archived photos from our regional countries and districts, to keep our churches and contexts in front of our regional and globally church regularly along with prayer requests and basic information.
  4. Use social media to advertise and promote regional and global initiatives, such as Freedom Sunday, Thanksgiving and Easter offerings, upcoming events such as regional conferences and General Assemblies, etc.
  5. Share regional stories and news links.
  6. Share global and regional video stories.
  7. Provide consultation, mentoring and training to others on our region who wish to use social media to accomplish local and district ministry strategies.
  8. Follow other Eurasian Nazarenes on social media to gather appropriate ideas for resharing through Eurasia social media.
  9. Travel as needed to provide training and workshops on good design.
  10. Other work as requested.

Additional conditions

Qualities of the Eurasia Social Media Manager

  • Call by God to serve the church through missions
  • Excellence in honest, interpersonal communication
  • Understanding of ongoing developments in social media, apps, mobile devices, common websites and other platforms for sharing information
  • Creative and innovative thinker
  • Consistently meets deadlines
  • Team player (Read The Ideal Team Player by Patrick Lencioni) and servant attitude
  • Adept at thorough research
  • Attention to detail
  • Proactive, self-starting, learner
  • Willing to follow leadership
  • Cares about other team members
  • Listens well and follows direction
  • Desire for excellence in the work
  • Positive attitude
  • Patient with others
  • Effective teacher, trainer and mentor
  • Flexible and learner attitude when engaging with other cultures
  • Persistent in accomplishing goals and completing tasks


  • Design software, such as Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop
  • Photography skills, and photo editing
  • Email
  • Word
  • Internet
  • Project management software (Active Collab)
  • Skype, or other video conferencing tools
  • Fluency in English
  • Website design knowledge (Wix, WordPress, other)


  • Best suited for: Married couple, single male, single female.

  • Length of service: minimum 1 year

  • Start date: any time

  • Approximately funding: personalized budgets will be arranged before fundraising/deployment

  • Estimated time commitment: 20 hours per week