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Kosovo – Church development and church planting


Church development and church planting in Kosovo Vision This person would engage with the work of the local church in order to engage in outreach to reach those who don't know Jesus, as well as to engage in discipleship with new believers. Also, this person would be involved in planting a [...]

Latvia – Children’s Ministry Team Member for Church Planter


Children’s Ministry Team Member for Church Planter in Latvia Vision Our target group is people who feel lonely and who do not belong to any local community. Many people are looking for a place where they can feel safe. These can be people from different cultural contexts: foreign students or immigrants. [...]

Middle East – Refugee Support Team Members


Refugee support team members in the Middle East Vision As refugees pour across borders away from areas of conflict, many nations have become overwhelmed with the pain and needs of these displaced people. Middle East Nazarenes have formed teams to help with the relief efforts.  This includes registration with the Red Cross and offering physical and [...]

Ireland – New Initiative Summer Volunteer


New Initiative Summer Volunteer in Ireland Vision To help the Mission Ireland team move deeper into our community as we rent a shop on the main street of Wicklow for the summer, to provide a family friendly indoor space for connection and conversation throughout the summer. For the last 5 years, Mission Ireland [...]