Am I ready?

Do you think you are ready to serve in another culture? Take this short (but somewhat humorous) quiz to find out!

Question 1:

At a birthday celebration at your school or work, you are offered a plate of fried spiders, something that smells like rotten cheese, and a mysterious slimy green substance. You are told that this is a delicacy in your colleague’s/classmate’s home culture. How do you respond?

  • Scream loudly, “That’s the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen!” and run away.
  • Politely decline, claiming that you are allergic to slimy green things.
  • Ask about when/how this dish is typically served, and listen while you try a little bit of the dish (perhaps this will distract you from the texture).

Question 2:

While walking down the street, someone stops you and begins asking you something. You don’t understand them at all. How do you respond?

  • Suddenly the other people walking down the street are a lot more interesting than this person! You pretend to be deaf and keep walking.
  • Use a translation app on your phone or look for someone else who might be able to help.
  • Try to use as many hand motions and expressions as you can to help this person.

Question 3:

M-Power volunteers often travel to unfamiliar lands and cultures to serve God in a different way. How open are you to learning about life and ministry in these other cultures?

  • What’s culture? I don’t even know what my own culture is!
  • Books and movies can give me a good perspective, and I’ve visited a world history/culture museum already.
  • A few of my colleagues/classmates are from other cultures, and I really like asking them about their backgrounds, trying the foods they make, and learning basic words in their language.

Question 4:

While on holiday in a warm climate, you think the people there are dressed immodestly. How do you respond?

  • Buy everybody extra clothes until you consider them modest enough, and preach to others from a street corner.
  • Do nothing and tell everyone back home how disrespectful the people were of your values.
  • Ask someone of the same gender as you about their standards of modesty. Depending on the context, perhaps some compromise may be possible.

Question 5:

Your pastor says he/she would recommend you for cross-cultural ministry. Why would missions be a good fit for you?

  • Your pastor actually wants to send you away because he’s tired of you!
  • You are currently active in church ministries, and your pastor thinks you could share those skills in another city or country.
  • Your pastor has seen you willingly interacting with different cultures, and you also have had a desire to follow God anywhere in the world.

Scroll down for the results!

Quiz results

Mostly first answers:
You are honest about your own weaknesses, especially when it comes to relating to other cultures. From this starting point, work on broadening your horizons. Try to get to know people or cultures who are different than yourself. A simple starting point is to try new foods or learn words in other languages.

Mostly second answers:
You are making good steps in your cultural intelligence when you have the opportunity. You are not damaging relationships per se, but don’t be afraid to continue building those relationships! Be willing to get to know people or cultures different than yourself in your own surroundings. Try to do this in a way that promotes equality and not hierarchy between locals/foreigners, rich/poor, etc.

Mostly third answers:
You seem to be doing well with relating to other cultures in an intelligent and humble way. Continue growing in this cultural intelligence by learning more about cultural values and not just visible cultural differences like food or clothing. Consider becoming an M-Power volunteer and/or becoming active in cross-cultural ministry in your own church and community.

Do you think you are ready to serve?

How can I serve? Where can I serve?