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What can God do through you? Be a volunteer in the Eurasia Region (Europe and Asia) of the Church of the Nazarene and help in God's Kingdom.

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The Eurasia region contains (Europe and Asia): 7 fields, 39 countries, 127 languages, 50 missionaries, 50 volunteers

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M+Power is an opportunity for short-term volunteer service in the Eurasia Region of the Church of the Nazarene. Our theme is "Encounters that Empower! What can God do through you?" Service locations and opportunities are varied and in Europe and Asia but may include coffeehouse ministry, youth/children’s ministries, finance work, and education.

Participating in God’s Mission
M+Power is for volunteers of any age to serve in the Church of the Nazarene throughout the Eurasia Region.
As part of God’s church, we are called to participate in God’s redemption, reconciliation, and restoration of this world. God is active in our world and wants to use us no matter who we are or where we live.
Jesus has called the Church to share the gospel -- through our words, actions, and lives -- in all parts of the earth. Sometimes this is in our own hometown and sometimes it requires a passport.

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Experiences from volunteers

M+Power: ‘Love is the number one language’

M+Power: ‘Love is the number one language’

Anderson Martinez said he was willing to go anywhere he was needed. Well, he was needed to help in Greece, as part of a team serving refugees who had fled violence and civil war in their countries. So he spent his summer break from university near Thessaloniki, where he visited...
From addiction to freedom

From addiction to freedom

Greetings to you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. I am Vinay Moses and am from Bangalore city, in the state of Karnataka, India. I want to share my testimony. I was born in a God-loving family of four. My father is a minister of God, as well...
India church sends two volunteers

India church sends two volunteers

As a pastor’s daughter growing up in a Naarene church in Bangalore, India, Miriam Vijaya was always drawn toward missions, and to serving as a missionary. Today, that vision is turning into reality. The 26-year-old recently quit her job as an accountant at a France-based multi-national oil company and took...

Who can go?

As a volunteer, you can share your unique gifts and talents to serve God and love people around the world. M+Power does this through “traditional” church-based ways of ministry but also through media, coffeehouses, children’s education, and finance.

We are Christ’s body. Each one of us has a unique role in representing Christ here on earth!

Current location and ministry opportunities!

Mission is the Church’s Identity

An M+Power volunteer will experience other cultures and how God is at work throughout the world. Through serving in other cultures and countries, volunteers will gain a broader view of God’s transformation in the lives of others.
Mission is not just an extra activity of the Church, but the very core of its existence. God wants to use the Church to show God’s love to all of creation!

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I see young people from Bangladesh, helping out to evangelize in some of the strong Hindu strongholds, and experiencing the power of Christ. I hear laughter of a retired German couple, playing with children in a refugee camp in Jordan. I sense a feeling of excitement in local churches being able to become involved in mission, by sending one of their young man.